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New Zealand Pictures, Part IV: Raumati Beach, Paraparaumu, and trains

This will be the final part of my series of entries with photos from New Zealand. I'm skipping over Raumati South straight to Raumati Beach, as I took only two photos in Raumati South, neither of which would be of any particular interest to anybody: just a small set of shops and the kindy I went to when I was four. So here are some of the photos I took of my hometown. I took an absolute stack of photos of the miniature railway, but I'll spare you most of them.

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And now we move slightly up the coast to Paraparaumu. It and Raumati essentially blur together.

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I did proceed north from Paraparaumu to Otaihanga, but none of my photos from there are really anything special. Were it not for the evening sunlight, I would have been able to get some nice photos of the Waikanae River. Oh well, next time! So instead, because I can, here are photos of trains!

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And that's it for my photos from New Zealand!