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In Melbourne

Hello folks,

Found an Internet cafe in central Melbourne. Things are going quite good so far, although I wont be able to meet ANYONE. Neither Patrick or Chantel. Pat's got stuff happening and Chantel isn't allowed at the moment. Quite frankly, I am disappointed, but oh well, it's not the end of the world. I'll probably get to come down next year anyway ... definitely if Brisbane were to make the final again. Hopefully I'll be able to meet Pat and Chant then.

Drive down was remarkably quicker than I expected. Left at 4am, went via Sydney, and would've made Melbourne at 10:30pm but we didn't want to go looking for a place to stay so we stopped at a motel in Albury-Wodonga, which is on the New South Wales - Victorian border. Arrived in Melbourne at about 11am today. Found a place to stay - nice enough and extremely cheap, and right on the edge of Melbourne so we'll be able to leave quicker on Sunday, but it's in an absolutely crappy area. But hey, it's cheap.

Don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow beyond coming into Melbourne for some parade of the players in the Aussie Rules final or something like that. I may come back to this cafe then and get back online, but I don't know. On Saturday we have the game, which will be seriously exciting, and then we leave early Sunday. I'm not sure if we'll drive all the way back to the Coast or stay somewhere in northern NSW overnight. I'd imagine we'd go on home, but I'm really not sure. If we go on home, I'll be in late Sunday/early Monday (which would be Sunday afternoon/evening in America), if we stop I'll be back middle of Monday, which would be late Sunday night in America.

This trip is turning out quite good - I'm listening to other music (I'd forgotten how much I liked 'Hybrid Theory' by Linkin Park, and a Pink Floyd CD of Alan's was quite good) and I've discovered I can cope without the Internet, remarkably. I love the trams down here; they're grand. I'm fast running out of books, though. I finished Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy: Life, The Universe, And Everything yesterday (BRILLIANT) and all I have left is the next book after that, So Long And Thanks For All The Fish. Might have to track down a book store and buy something, or do a bit of my own writing. I'm also trying to persuade Mum to buy me a CD, but that's not working as well as I planned.

Honestly, I'm glad that I did decide to come, even if I'm not getting to meet anyone, because otherwise I'd be up the creek without a paddle - Trudy's going to be away most of the time I'm away, and I doubt Mum would let me stay home by myself. Even if she did, I'm not confident enough in my cooking skills to be able to knock up dinner for a few nights.

It's great to see more of Australia, but ... it's still very ... AUSTRALIA. That's the only way to put it. It's not foreign and new like going to Europe would be, it's not my true home like New Zealand is whenever I go back, it's just Australia. Nice to see more, but not overly exciting. Although I do love the trams and the old buildings here in Melbourne.

Anyhow, I'm running out of time a bit. If I have any left later I may edit or do another update, and I may be on tomorrow. If I'm not, I probably won't be for the rest of the holidays, so in that case, I'll talk to all of you when I get back. Until then, goodbye and God bless.
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