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Just in case you needed more proof Lily was a liar ...

I'll post more about this tomorrow ... no, wait it is tomorrow, I'll post it later. Anyhow, here's the basic gist of what's just happened;

I was talking to my ex-online-'girlfriend', who many from YTF know as Lily. We broke up a month or so ago, and I am very glad to be out of that relationship. I never should've gotten into an online relationship in the first place. Anyhow, recently, I told Liza to move on and get over me, and she said she had. Made a big song and dance about moving on, getting closer to God, bla bla bla. Only tonight did I find out that was a lie. As you can expect, I was not impressed. I actually said 'f***' to a friend, so I was very brassed off. She said she really loves (loved) me more than ever, but, because I had said I'd moved on, she said she had, and lied "to make me happy." When I presented her with the fact that "I didn't care WHY [she lied], [but] lying is ALWAYS wrong", and that the people at YTF were right when they said she was a liar, she actually agreed that the YTFers were right, and that she was a liar!

There you go, folks. I'll provide full text later on, hopefully.

Hopefully now I can get on with things without worrying about her.

Oh no, what have we here ... she's come back online, and said 'Andre, I don't want to stop talking to you. I really don't.' Oh wonderful ... here we go again ...

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