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I've realised I need a haircut. URGENTLY. I feel like someone's glued a mop to my head. Oh well, it could be worse. I wish someone had taken photos last year before one debate, when I made this comment about how I'd tried to comb my hair and everyone just laughed at me. It was an explosion then.

Having dialup is a real pain when other people decide they need the phone for some terribly important reason, and mothers running around with cameras is a real pain when they decide to race into your room and take random photos of you early in the morning to use up film. I was seeing spots for a few minutes. What else is a real pain is people who don't e-mail you when they should, and need to e-mail you urgently. Grr on people who can't get their act together (looking right at you, Chantel). And grr on people who say they'll be back soon and, over an hour later, are still not back (I'm looking right in your direction now, Lauren) and, as Murphy's Law states, will get back just a minute after you get offline for half an hour to free up the phone line for others.

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