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Wow, it seems like all of my family is travelling. On Tuesday, my Nana is flying back to NZ, to Christchurch, to spend some time with her sister who's got cancer (we gave her the trip as a birthday present; it was great to see her face light up when she found out), and she'll probably stay over there a while. Then I'm leaving early Wednesday for Melbourne, which will be absolutely great, and Dad's always travelling around NZ.

OH CRAP. OH CRAP. Oh shit. Oh my flipping Zooropa case. The people who own the place I live in are calling in to inspect the unit. Only one problem: we were supposedly given notice a week ago of this, BUT WE NEVER GOT THE NOTE! So now Mum's out, Trudy's out, I'm completely home alone, the home isn't overly clean, AND THE FLAMING OWNERS ARE SHOWING UP IN THE NEXT FEW BLOODY MINUTES! So I've rushed around and tried to make stuff look a bit better, but there's not much I can do. Shit.

Edit 5 minutes later: well, they just came through, nice enough people, didn't seem to spot the massive gash on the stairway caused when Mum's bed was taken up it (it'll be fixed when we leave in November) ... I'm just glad they're gone, though. The inspections are awful. Especially when it's suddenly just sprung upon you. GRR.

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