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Stuff, and a good deal of it

I have this sudden urge to utilise Shakespearean English. But I won't, because I will most likely end up mucking everything up and looking like a complete fool. See, this is why you shouldn't read Shakespeare, folks: it makes you want to speak in a different lingo. Oh well, Henry V was grand.

Anyhow, some stuff.

1. Right, it's true. Not only am I obsessed with U2, but I am becoming obsessed with individual songs. This is truly sad and pathetic, is it not? Oh well, I can't say I overly care. So, "what songs am I becoming obsessed with?" you may ask (or may not, because you value your mental safety). Well, there are four: 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Bad, Acrobat, and Walk On. Let's analyse them, shall we?

11 O'clock Tick Tock: some of the most profound lyrics ever, plus some absolutely amazing guitar (light_so_bright Lauren will second this for me, I'm sure, considering I sent her the amazing 5 July 1983 gig performance of it). I particularly love the 'We thought that we had the answers/It was the questions we had wrong' line (Why do I keep on hearing 'questions' as 'Christians' on some live versions when it definitely isn't? I'm odd), and also one other line is incredibly profound if you are of the opinion that capitalisation should be employed (and considering U2's faith and my personal interpretation, I think it should be) is 'Call out Your name/Call out in shame/Call out Your name/Call, call, call out/You better call out' (UABRS EP, other versions I have modify the end in varying ways). It's so profound, and so SIMPLE. It's the perfect verse for my struggles with arrogance and egotism - it's this big "humble yourself and submit to Him" slap in the face, the kind of one I NEED, the kind of one I wasn't getting from anywhere else. This is why I love U2.

Bad: this is the best song ever written. I don't care what anyone else says, it IS and that is the simple fact of the matter. It's not just a condemnation of drug (and other) addiction, it's an UNDERSTANDING of it. No other artist seems to do that. They write these songs either promoting or condemning drugs and other addictions, but where is the understanding? Nowhere. And the lyrics of Bad are so wonderfully written, you can interpret them in such a variety of ways that they don't even need to be about drugs or addiction. It's pure genius of a song ... and if you haven't heard the Rattle And Hum video version, you haven't lived.

Walk On: another work of sheer genius. This song may have even saved my life. It is so beautiful, so marvellous ... exactly what I need to hear when I'm down. And the Slane version they broadcast on TV last Christmas, oh my bob, that was wonderful. "Hallelujah ... hallelujah ..." I've nearly cried watching that. It's so incredible and tender, watching him sing to his recently deceased father, just ... wow.

Acrobat: would you believe it, more genius? If I didn't know better, I would think Bono was an incredible lyricist! If you don't know better, that was sarcasm. We all know Bono is an incredible lyricist, and Acrobat proves it. It is the best song about the contradictions of life and fame, and about sin that I have ever heard. Amazing.

Now back to regular programming.

2. Going to Melbourne. Way it looks, I will most likely be getting there sometime Thursday morning. Depends if we drive through the night or not. Patrick (and Chantel if you're reading this), we need to make plans to meet, seeing I'm leaving in 54 hours or so.

3. I am starting to get REALLY sick of reality TV. REALLY sick. Seriously, does it ever stop? This is quite possibly the most overdone genre in the history of television. There's that many bloody series of Survivor I can't keep up - sheesh, I got bored after series two - there's more home improvement shows than anyone can possibly need, and what's that new one coming out here soon? Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or something equally disturbing like that. Good bob. Australian Idol finished tonight; what a relief. I'm glad that tripe is off TV. I never watched it (the ads were bad enough and I'm sick of stuff like that after three series of Popstars), but I hear the judges were trying to be funny but were just downright rude and insulting, and NOT in the good, humorous way we all love. We need some quality programming. My suggestions: Monty Python, M*A*S*H, Dad's Army, Fawlty Towers, Hogan's Heroes, and Get Smart. Wow, you'd never guess I'm a fan of old and/or British comedies!

4. In my attempts to return to having the wide music tastes I once had before my days of U2 obsession, I shall take a non-U2 CD with me to Melbourne ... along with a stack of U2 CDs. Now I've got to decide WHAT. Hmm. Here's the CDs I have: Jimmy Eat World (self-titled), 'Hybrid Theory' by Linkin Park (I'm not taking 'Reanimation'), 'Yourself Or Someone Like You' and 'Mad Season' by Matchbox Twenty, and Greatest Hits I and II by Queen. Vote on what I should take, please!

5. Speaking of Hybrid Theory, I need a new copy of that. Tracks 5 and 6 are both scratched, which drives me up the wall because I LIKE those tracks. Why couldn't Cure For The Itch be scratched? I do NOT like that. Why is it always stuff I like gets scratched? This and my Pop CD ... what's next? Things tend to come in threes, so ...

6. Still on the topic of Linkin Park, if anyone wants to donate to the "Meteora For Andre" cause, feel free.

7. I'm getting a new mobile phone soon. Squee. The one I have ... it's bloody useless. It will say it has full power, receive a couple of calls (not even long ones), and it's down to low power. Stupid thing. Needs a new battery, methinks, but it's out of date anyway. So I'm getting a new phone, or more precisely, a new second-hand phone. Mum and Alan are both getting new phones with digital cameras and fun stuff like that, so I'll be getting one of their old phones, both of which are reasonably modern and good.

8. Henry V has me hooked on Shakespeare. I now want to read more Shakespeare, particularly Henry IV Parts I and II. And speaking of reading, I'm going to take Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy with me to read in Melbourne. I'm currently a bit through book three, and I'm looking forward to this chance to read it. The holidays are such a wonderful chance to get heaps of reading done. I'm still not going to finish reading everything I have over these holidays, though. Or at least it's doubtful. I like having so much to read, though.

9. Oh, and my school is stupid. Supremely stupid. On Thursday morning, I was informed that a note is being sent home to my Mum about an unexplained absence on August 28. You bloody morons, you know where I was! If you didn't, I wouldn't be on the Student Leadership Council! I was at flaming Bond University at that leadership day thing, which you HAD to attend to be taken into consideration for a place on leadership, so how they've got this idea I wasn't at school/at a school activity is beyond me. Fools. Eh, Mum'll call them and sort it out, but it's still unnecessary crap and shouldn't have happened in the first place.

10. My modem appears to be working fine now and connecting first attempt, which is absolutely fantastic - no worries about a massive bill, squee - but what annoys me is that it's connecting slower than usual. At first I didn't notice it, but now I'm starting to, particularly when I'm trying to load two pages at once (which I'm prone to doing). Oh well, my modem's connecting first pop so I can't really complain. I'd much rather this slow speed than go back to the massive phone bill.

Right, that'll do. I think I had more to say but this entry is long enough.
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