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My journal says I'm 62% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
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LJ Gender Tool by hutta

How nice for it to be right.

In other news, I am definitely going to Melbourne, and definitely not by plane. We are leaving at 4am - yes, four o'clock in the flaming morning! - and travelling all day with the aim of reaching Melbourne by the end of the day. Good Zooropa, that's going to be a lot of travelling. We also got the seven last tickets to the Aussie Rules grand final. Yes, the very last seven. After Mum's boyfriend's sister got the seven, they shut the ticket booth. Gee, I would've been pissed if I were the person behind her. Queueing up for hours only to be told you JUST missed out. I'd probably break something ... or go to the Rugby World Cup instead. Wow, the AFL Grand Final and New Zealand versus Tonga at the World Cup in one year. I like this. A lot.

I've got so much I want to do in Melbourne, and we'll only be there for three days. One of those days I'll be at the AFL, or at least for the afternoon - don't know how early we'll get there - and then I want to meet Patrick and Chantel, ride the trams, and go round to heaps of places. I'll have to go back sometime, definitely. U2 better go there when they tour - see Melbourne and a concert in one hit! That would be good.

Er ... there was more I was going to add, but I forget. If I remember, I shall edit.
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