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Tonight's AFL results;

Sydney: 56.
Brisbane: 100!
Brisbane is to play Collingwood in the Aussie Rules grand final.

I'M OFF TO MELBOURNE! I feel like making some wild, insane comment but I can't quite express how excited I am. WOOHOO! *makes more insane 'woohoo' exclamations similar to those of Bono at the start of Elevation* I've always wanted to go to Melbourne. Hopefully, hopefully, I'll get to meet Pat and Chant - I seriously hope I can, I really do - and TRAMS! Melbourne looks great, and TRAMS! I've always liked everything that runs on rails, ever since I was a little (no, this is NOT your cue to laugh), and I've always wanted to go on a real live tram network, not just the preservation line near my hometown in NZ. Whee! Squee! w00t! Woohoo! I'm so excited.

So, as long as we can get tickets - and the way Mum's been talking, that's a certainty - we'll be going to Melbourne on the 24th and returning on the 28th. This is too thrilling! WOOHOO!

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