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Very strange conversation with my mother

Mobile phone rings. I've already had one call this morning and that's enough. Plus, I'm enjoying the end of Love Is Blindness, so I yell "Bugger off!" before answering the phone.

Me: Hello.
Mum (laughing): Hi, love. How are you?
Me: And why are you laughing?
Mum: Because I'm just on the toilet and Nan walked in on me naked.
(At this point, not only am I disturbed by thinking about this, I am wondering why the Popmart Mum is calling me whilst on the toilet)
Me: And WHY would you be calling me?
Mum: Because we're going to have coffee at Senorita's [a cafe my family likes] and I was wondering if you wanted to be picked up.
(At this point, I was wondering why, to ask me this, Mum had to phone me while on the toilet and couldn't wait until she got off)
Me: No. I'll be right. I'd rather not eat with strange people like you. (Note I was only being half-sarcastic)
Mum: Don't want to be seen with strange people like us?
Me (still wondering why she called me while on the toilet, and to ask me something so unimportant as that): Nope.
Mum: Alright, I'll be going then.
Me: OK, bye.
Mum: Bye.

And I'm still wondering why she called.
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