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"Today, bushfires are running wild on Straddie and in northern NSW, homes on the Gold Coast are cracking in the heat and the dam is back down to 47 per cent. It's only September 18." - front page of today's Gold Coast Bulletin

*Straddie = Stradbroke Island ... well, there's actually North and South. There's a massive bushfire on North Straddie. South Straddie is right off the northern Gold Coast, North Straddie is just to the north of it.

*Northern NSW = seeing I'm just over the border in Queensland, northern New South Wales would be just to my south.

*dam back down to 47 per cent - at the worst of the drought, the dam nearly emptied so severely that it was only 25 per cent full, which would've been critical level. For the last six months, it has been progressively filling, reaching the halfway mark, but now it's going back down.

Good bob. It's going to be a terrible bushfire season this summer. It's hot, the forests are tinder dry, there's not much chance of rain, and there have been some big winds around lately, which will hopefully go away before things really get going. Last summer was bad enough, but the conditions are even worse now. At school this morning, before I came home sick, the entire place was covered in smoke, most likely from the North Straddie fire. When my Aunt Karina picked me up, she said that when she had been driving to my place about 20 minutes earlier, the smoke had been so thick people had to put their lights on - at bloody 10am!

It's going to be bad. It's bad already, and it's only September 18 ...
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