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You bastards!

U2BloodRedSky is gone.
The filesharing capability of the Womanfish MB is gone. is gone.
And another reputedly good U2 filesharing site that I never got the chance to go to, Electrical Storm, is gone.
It's so wrong, so very wrong.

(One can easily tell a U2 fanatic by the fact that when they say "You bastards", they are thinking of when Bono called Sinn Fein that during a 1987 concert in San Francisco - "I see two letters - SF and U2. Is that a girl's name or does that stand for Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican Army? Because if it does, I don't know how you can stand or stomach to wave that sign this week. Because you bastards left those people! Eleven dead, fifty-five wounded, in the name of freedom. Fuck freedom!")

Yes, I shouldn't be up. It's way too late. I was going to get offline an hour ago. But I'm still here because my procrastination is so bad, it extends to being lazy in regards to getting offline. I just continue to bum around. I'm so glad I don't have an exam tomorrow. Oh well, I should be off to bed. In that case, tally-ho.
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