Axver (axver) wrote,

The following are evil ...

The Backstreet Boys
Kylie Minogue
Mariah Carey
Dan Balow
Jerry Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Everyone else at Tyndale
That rapper guy named Nelly
George W. Bush! w00t!
Harry Pothead! w00t again!
Michael Jackson
Me (aka TEH EDGE)
My friend Sam (not LBMB Sketch Sam or LBMB Sam_107 Sam)
The sun
Sam (Sketch Sam)
Yasser Arafat
Did I mention myself?

By the way, just so you know, the takeover of the world being orchestrated by me and Lauren is coming along quite nicely. If you want to join us in our crusade, feel free. We're conquering the world until all of it apart from Wheaton, Illinois has fallen, and then we're going to bombard the place for two reasons;

1. To kill Tyndale off once and for all
2. To get our beloved MB back

So join the fight TODAY! Yes, YOU! Join and go kill Tyndale! Tyndale is gonna die until it's dead!

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