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I'm too dull to think of a subject line

My Modern History exam today was the hardest easy exam I've ever done in my life. It was easy but not, if that makes any sense at all. I knew the answers to most questions, although for a couple of them, to fill up space, I wrote quite a lot that might have not exactly answered the question (they say that they give us lots of lines for a reason, and to fill them as best we can, so I did). I had already got writer's cramp in my hand earlier that day, and it wasn't fun during the history exam. By the time I got out, it felt like my hand was going to fall off. Worst case of writer's cramp I've ever had, and I write a lot so that's saying something. The thing I find strange is that I hadn't even done much writing today. It better not be a sign for tomorrow. I have a two hour long English exam that wholly consists of, you guessed it, writing. How thrilling. That reminds me, I better finish finding references in Henry V that I might need for the exam. I've probably got enough now, but you never know ...

My German reading exam went nicely today, and I finished with a good deal of time spare. Only thing is, I stuffed one section up because I very cleverly had a mental blank and forgot what 'zwischen' and 'entscheiden' meant. Oh well, I think my answer was close enough anyway - it was a cartoon interpretation so the picture kinda saved me, even if I couldn't get the caption - so I should get marks. Otherwise, I think I've done well enough.

Apparently everyone got their Maths B knowledge and procedure exam marks today, but I was at the History exam then so I missed out. Oh well, I'll find out on Thursday. Speaking of Maths B, I got started on my assignment, and I've got answers to roughly half of it so far, which is good. Just need to type it up. There's four knowledge questions - three of which I have answers for, one will require summarising some stuff I found online - and two problem solving questions. The first problem solving question is nigh on impossible, but the second ... it's so insanely easy it's not funny. All I need to do now to complete it is find the magnitude of the 1906 San Fransisco earthquake.

We were discussing some really interesting stuff in SOR today. Shame I had to leave early for my History exam, because we were talking about sin, the consequences of it, corporate sin, and the like. My teacher had some really interesting insights. If I can remember them adequately, I might type them out sometime.

And SQUEE, my Mum got her phone with digital camera today! Whee, it's great fun to use. But ANTISQUEE, I can't put the photos on my computer. It attaches to the computer using infrared, not a cable, and I don't have an infrared port because my computer is old and crappy. So I'll have to use someone else's computer until I get my new one. It's looking pretty certain now that I'll be getting a new computer. We were talking about it earlier, and we're going to get a computer with the works. I'm greatly looking forward to it. Roll on November.

I hate my CD player. I have it set to repeat my CDs, but with some CDs, it will play, rewind, and then make strange whirring noises and not play the CD again. Bah. Indeed, with U2's War, it sometimes won't even start when I put it in there, so often I have to skip to track two and then skip back to track one to get it to work. For this reason, I don't play War much. Stupid thing. Maybe I just need to clean it. There's a task for the holidays. And bah, speaking of all things cleaning related, I need to polish my school shoes. Someone should invent self-polishing shoes, because I hate having to polish my shoes all the time. My principal seems to think it's no hassle to clean one's shoes every morning before school, which I find laughable. My principal is a great bloke, but not always the most practical of men. Usually in the morning, I end up rushing to leave on time and hardly have time to tie my laces, let alone get out the polish.

Talking about school reminded me about what happened today. On the notices, it said Patrick and Aaron (along with two other people, one who I don't know, one who I don't really know) had to see the year 11 co-ordinator, and we had no idea what for. Anyhow, it turns out they've been rejected for the Student Leadership Council thing (the thing that leads on to being a Prefect or whatever). WHAT A JOKE. And why were they rejected? Patrick because he didn't fill out his service criteria, and thus they refused to accept him on the basis that he's done nothing for the school. I believe there was actually stuff he could've put down, but it was just a cop-out so he left it until he had something worthwhile to put there. It's ridiculous. He SHOULD be a leader. And why was Aaron rejected? Because he doesn't regularly shave and thus isn't always clean-shaven. Apparently, this counts as severe enough disobedience for him not to be accepted. So the school is perfectly fine with accepting stoners, perverts, and stupid prats who don't make the school look good, but they're kicking out Aaron, one of the nicest, most moral, responsible, intelligent, and caring guys I know just because he doesn't shave regularly? How fucking ludicrous. He's the kind of guy that would make the school look good, the kind of guy perfect for a leadership position.

Stupid school.

Edit: one thing I forgot to add is that the Modern History exam was summative. If an exam is summative, that means it counts towards my final marks at the end of grade 12 (formative assessment tasks don't count, summative ones do). This is daunting enough, but even more so WHEN YOU DON'T FIND OUT UNTIL YOU LOOK AT THE BLOODY CRITERIA SHEET AT THE START OF THE EXAM AND SEE 'SUMMATIVE' WRITTEN ON IT! That rather freaked me out. I sure hope I do well ...

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