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Sandown has turned very thrilling. It's bucketing down with rain and hail and the cars are just sliding all over the show. It's getting so bad that they might red flag the race. And now there's snow on the track, but the bad weather appears to be lifting now. What a race. This is craziness, and very entertaining. "We've had many exciting races at Sandown over the years ... [this year] is a new benchmark for weird" - the commentator on TV.

I think I have my German stuff memorised. I'm not so confident about the Modern History, but hopefully I'll get by. I need to also start my Maths B assignment, but I don't have the formula for the Richter scale. I'll get it off Patrick tomorrow. The assignment is due on Friday, but because I'm planning on taking Friday off, I want to have it done by Thursday.

You may ask "why am I taking Friday off?" Well, put it this way: roughly half of the grade won't be there and there's nothing worth going for. The school Missions Trip leaves on Thursday afternoon, the students going to Japan leave ... early Wednesday, I think, and because there'll be so few people there on Friday, a lot of people are saying they won't show up. The classes will be a waste of time, anyway, because it's the last day and there's no exams or anything. So I think I just won't bother showing up. Start my holidays a day early. But that all depends on whether I get my Maths B assignment finished by Thursday or not. Hopefully I'll have it done.

And I was going to talk about my SOR assignment and how it's made me think about things, but I'm not in the mood to do that right now, and quite distracted by Sandown. I'll talk about it sometime. This assignment definitely raises some issues and has prompted me to think about how I view certain things.

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