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Because to-do lists kick me into gear and (sometimes, at least) break my procrastination and prompt me to do stuff, here is my to-do list for the rest of this weekend and the coming week;

1. STUDY. German and Modern History must be studied to death. New German words must be learnt, Vietnam War must be learnt about. Damn it Andre, you don't have much time to study, so DO IT.

2. Do Maths B assignment. This is due on the very last day of term, but because I'm thinking about taking that day off, I should start work on it. Shouldn't take me too long. I could always scab answers off someone else, too.

3. Possibly do some practice for Maths B problem solving exam. I'm going to do terribly on that. It will be utter hell. Very loathesome.

4. See Pirates of the Carribean (Caribbean?) on Friday.

5. Catch up on sleep, and don't bloody well sleep with the window open again.

6. Find a fan that isn't covered in dust. I have a ceiling fan in my room, but floor fans are always better, and so I went looking for one last night, and the one I found was covered in dust and I don't plan on getting asthma right now. An asthma attack caused by dust blown by a fan doesn't sound like an appealling activity.

7. Contemplate new SOR assignment. It's not due until November 11, but it's a big one involving lots of thought. I'll post about it later, later most likely meaning tomorrow.

Hmm ... that should be it. Oh, and 8, 9, 10, 12, and 14-1025 are STUDY! 11 and 13 are DO THE BLOODY MATHS B ASSIGNMENT!
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