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If you ever plan on getting sleep ...

If you ever plan on having a good night's sleep, DO NOT sleep with your window open. I just learnt this the hard way. See, yesterday, my room was stifling. It was hotter than the rest of the house, even with my window open and my fan on. I would walk out of it, get hit by this degree-or-two-cooler air, walk back in, and get hit by this wave of heat. So I decided that I wasn't going to stand for this, and, after searching for a fan and finding one so dust-covered it would give me terrible asthma if turned on, I stormed back into my room, disappointed ... only to feel some nice, cool night air coming through my window. Thinking this was the best thing since sliced cheese (I have to be different), I decided to leave my window open all night to cool my room down. It worked. Now my room is marginally cooler than the rest of my house. Only thing is, I was kept awake and then woken up by noises outside ALL BLOODY NIGHT! Firstly, I couldn't get to sleep because someone had a TV on loud, some people were talking, and the sounds of passing cars kept on drifting into my room. Then, once I finally got to sleep, all kinds of things woke me up: loud squawking obnoxious birds, the sun (I left my blinds open to let the cool air in best), people, et cetera. So now, although I have a pleasantly cool room that isn't stinkingly hot like yesterday, I feel a bit on the tired side and wouldn't mind going back to sleep.

The Brisbane Lions defeated the Adelaide Crows in the Aussie Rules last night. This is a very good thing. If Brisbane makes it to the grand final, which is held down in Melbourne, Mum and her boyfriend will be flying down to see it. Hopefully, I will be able to come along, and that will mean I will be able to meet Pat and Chantel. So the Lions better bloody well make it to the grand final.

My printer is crap. I need a new one. I typed up all the stuff I need to know for German and printed it off, and what did my useless printer do? Did what it does to everything I print off: smudge it like smudging is going out of fashion. It's infuriating. For this reason, I always print off everything at school ... although the school may not like that.

It would also appear that Johnny Cash has died. RIP, and keep on wandering. (Yes, that is a deliberate pun in reference to The Wanderer, a U2 song on which he did the lead vocals).

Why must it be Saturday already? I wish it were still Friday afternoon. If it were to stay paused there for a day or two, that would be nice. Then I would be able to get some decent study done. But, as it is, I think this afternoon I will spend studying, and lots of it.

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