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And the sun, sun, here it comes ...

I hate the afternoon sun. Go away. Stop obnoxiously shining through my window straight onto me and my computer screen. The bloody thing makes me close my blinds, which blocks the breeze - it's getting humid here and into the 30s C (90s F, I think) - and then the small breeze there is blows them just enough to make them clatter in an annoying fashion.

And although I can't borrow a digital camera at the moment - turns out it won't be available for at least a week - Mum's ordered a new mobile phone (w00t, I'll get her current one to replace mine, which also used to be hers, and is rather dying), and this mobile phone is one of those ones you can use to take pictures with (and I think videos) and then put them online. SQUEE. Yayness. w00t. EEEEEEE. < insert other appropriate excited exclamation here >. I like this. I like this a lot. I think she'll have it within the next couple of weeks ... ah, that's grand. I love it.

This weekend, however, I probably won't love. I need to study HEAPS of German and History, not to mention writing some pointless English essay plan. Oh yes, and there's also that speech competition coming up. I better talk to Gibbo about that. Some years a list of topics are given and we have to do one of them, some years we can do whatever appeals to us. Honestly, I'm not sure which I prefer. Being given a list is terribly restrictive at times, especially when you don't like any of the topics, but being allowed to choose your own topic isn't easy, either, because sometimes it can be really hard to think of something to talk about. Especially when you're as unimaginative as me (and before anyone says anything, I find it very hard to think of ideas. Once I have an idea, I'm fine, but coming up with something in the first place isn't so easy).

I'm afraid of the Maths B problem solving exam on Monday. That's going to be AWFUL. AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL. Some of the stuff we had on the knowledge exam today was bad enough. The last question was bloody hopeless - not enough information at all. And I totally forgot something so basic it's not funny. When working out properties of Bernoulli trials on my graphics calculator, I have to enter in n (number of trials), p (probability of success), and x. I totally forgot what x was, and couldn't remember the formula to do it on paper. GRRR. I still can't remember what x is. Oh crap. I just looked it up. x is the amount of successes I want. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. I cannot believe it. HOW THE FUCK DID I FORGET SOMETHING AS BLOODY OBVIOUS AND BASIC AS THAT? Oh my. I am stupid. I can't believe that. I just can't. I ... how daft ...

Anyways, that will be all for now.
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