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I'm sick of it. I'm sick of all the stupid, lewd, immature people in my grade. I'm sick of the perverted jokes. I'm sick of what they talk about. I'm sick of what they do. I'm sick of watching these people just ... URGH. Stop it. STOP. Can't you people be mature for one second? Can't you bloody well control your flaming hormones? I'm bloody sick of it. I'm sick of these people who think life revolves around whether they have sex or whether they have the hottest girlfriend/boyfriend in the grade or how many people they've had sex with or whatever. GROW UP. Stop it, please. I'm sick of hearing stories about what some of the people in my grade do. I heard some shocking stuff today, some stuff I shouldn't have to hear. This one girl who used to go to my school has had two abortions and she's not even seventeen. What is wrong with the world?

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