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Mr Capper is quite possibly the worst Maths B teacher I have ever had in my LIFE. Or, more precisely, 2003 Capper is the worst teacher I have ever had. 2000 Capper was very good. 2001 Capper ... wouldn't have a clue, seeing I didn't have him. 2002 Capper wasn't bad. But 2003 Capper is little more than a pile of shit painted to look like a person. I'm sure there's heaps of typos on the revision sheet he typed up, and heaps of the stuff on there we either didn't do, were taught something akin to it (but not that), or were just taught it so poorly we don't know how to do it. He's bloody useless. I wouldn't have a clue how to do half the stuff we've done ... in fact, it doesn't feel like we've learnt anything. The test is on Friday, and the two new units we started this term (the other stuff we did we'd done at least the basics of in previous terms/years so I can do it) are exponentials and logarithms, and I can barely do them. On the other hand, in Maths C - at this point, let me remind you that Maths C is meant to be HARDER, MUCH HARDER than Maths B - I pretty much feel like I know the stuff or can pick it up before the exam. It feels like we've learnt something and gone somewhere in Maths C. But in Maths B? We've done bugger all. Mr Capper is USELESS. Totally useless.

Grr. I was so angry earlier today. I need something to smash, or really beat the crap out of, such as a punching bag. Sam suggested I should do boxing, which is not an entirely laughable suggestion. Might help me to get fit, too. Matt Marino didn't help to calm my anger either, by being an annoying arsehole and saying "at least my parents are still together". Now I may not mind the fact my parents are divorced ... but that still cuts deep. He's such a miserable piece of crap.

Before Maths B, before I got all pissed off and annoyed, I performed my English play. Went very nicely. Sam forgot a line which really threw me, so I made up something on the spot and everything just kept flowing. General consensus is that it was very good. So I'm happy about that. Relieved that it's over and done with, and I don't need to worry about it any more. Now I need to focus on maths - making sure I know Maths C and figuring out Maths B.

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