Axver (axver) wrote,

Er ... think of something creative to go here

Right now, someone I do not know is at my house, getting her nails painted by my mother. I see multiple problems with this;

1. I do not know this person. They better not come upstairs. I dislike people I don't know entering my room. I value my privacy.

2. She is having her nails done. ANYONE having their nails done is bad news. I applaud Mum for going out and learning a new skill, and it does get us money we desperately need, but IT STINKS WHEN MUM DOES PEOPLE'S NAILS! It seeps in under my door - thankfully, I have bad hayfever so my nose is regularly blocked - and it really stinks out the downstairs. Not even bad hayfever stops me from smelling it down there. One day it was that bad I had to run upstairs because I thought I was going to be sick.

3. This person is a friend of the woman who's boarding with us, Mum's friend Trudy. If this woman is even half as crazy as Trudy, this could mean trouble and embarrassment for me. One Trudy is fine. Two of them may be deadly.

4. I'm now going off on a tangent about painting nails. THERE IS NO PRACTICAL APPLICATION FOR IT! I don't see the point in painting nails, unless you want to stink the house out. My Mum reckons it's to look good and because men like it. Well, the first point, my response is "Big woop", and the second point, well, I never notice nails because of my eyesight, and most of my friends reckon painted nails is a turn-off.

But, hey, if Mum wants to be a nail technician and people want their nails done, then good on her. It gets us money we need. Just I wish she wouldn't do it at home.

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