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Bah. I hate study. I hate exams. But, alas, I probably won't be online a terrible lot for the next while ... or I'll end up procrastinating and staying on when I should be studying. I MUST NOT procrastinate. I need to do study. Maths C is on Thursday and Friday, Maths B is on Friday and Monday. GRR. I don't know nearly enough. By Thursday I should pick up most of the Maths C stuff, because Robbo explained it very nicely in class and I have it all written down in my book, and have a vague understanding of all of it already. Squee. But Maths B ... have we actually learnt ANYTHING this term? Capper is an AWFUL teacher. AWFUL, AWFUL, BLOODY AWFUL. Is this the same man who taught me the basics of algebra in grade eight to such an extent that I can do that kind of stuff in my sleep? What has happened to the man? Has he gone senile or something? We've gotten revision sheets asking us to do stuff I don't remember learning. Or it asks us to do stuff we know we were told in class, but told so poorly we never learnt it. We did exponentials and logarithms, but he taught it so badly that I can't do much beyond the very basics. It doesn't feel like we've learnt ANYTHING in Maths B this term. Good bob, I'm going to fail the exam at this rate.

God was obviously smiling upon me this morning. If we'd begun English at the normal time, odds are Sam and I would've had to perform our play and the only way we could've gotten out of it was via lying or me faking a sore throat (something I am EXTREMELY good at), but instead, at assembly, the Year 11 and 12 Drama Club performed their play that won awards at some competition or something like that, and thus assembly ran way overtime. This resulted in me and Sam not having to perform, which is an immense relief. We've got a few things in the way of costuming and props now, although not much. Hopefully it'll be enough, because we're performing it tomorrow lunchtime. I have my lines pretty much memorised, and I hope Sam's got his nailed, although I'm not overly confident. I just want to get this play out of the road, then I can focus on my exams.

I hope I can get my History exam delayed until next term. I don't care if it's on the first day back, just as long as I get the holidays. I'm never going to be able to study enough otherwise. Flaming study. I hate it. School is such a pain. Oh well, I've got my SOR assignment out of the way now, seeing I handed that in, and also got Jamie's out of the way - seeing he's a slow typer, I typed most of his up for him. Heh, now I can add Jamie to the list of people whose assignments I've typed up.

Now, there was more I was going to add here, but I'm so rushed trying to get everything online done before I go do study and my head is so filled with all kinds of nonsensical stuff I need to know that I've forgotten what it was. Bah.

And I'm very stressed now. Work is really stressing me out, and I really need a break. But if I take a break, I'll lose time I could be studying, and get more stressed, then need more of a break, then get more stressed, need even more of a break, get even more stressed, and the cycle continues. And if I don't take a break, I'll most likely still get even more stressed. Grr. Exams are evil.

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