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Yay, I think my SOR assignment is finally done, and I pretty much have my English lines memorised. Yay. Now I just have a mountain of study and a Maths B assignment to do. How thrilling. Anyone want to do some study for me?

There is a strange person round at my house. I can hear Mum, Trudy, and a voice I don't recognise talking downstairs. I hate it when people come round who I don't know, I truly do. I can't just go downstairs and whack on TV, get some food without offering any to them, or laze around. How selfish of me.

This morning the administrator of the RPG Central MB basically went mad and tried to close the entire place down. What the Zooropa is she on? I'm so glad I'm a mod there, because at least I'm not totally in the dark as to what's going on, but the ordinary members would be. Insanity. is CRAP. Too many forums, too many stupid "you can't have _____ until you have x-amount of posts" rules, it seems like half the forums are for Christians only (so non-Christians aren't intelligent enough to comment on theological matters are they?), and I hate the layout and the way it's set up. Truly crap. Why did I even register there? Why can't I find any really good MBs? RPGC is OK but there aren't enough people or intelligent discussions, AoG is only really worth it for the discussions with Mike, the Soon MB is too quiet and I'm liking Nate less and less, the various U2 MBs I go to are too quiet, and I don't like LBMBLUB. GRR. Need YTF back. It was far, far better than the rest. I'm sick of the Internet being boring.

Why is it always cold in the morning and then stinking hot in the afternoon, or at least in my room? I NEVER get the afternoon breeze. It was blowing a bloody gale in here earlier, but now the air is just completely still and it's awful. I'd put the fan on, but it annoys me because it scatters papers around in a big way. Ah, bugger it. I'll put it on anyway. It better not blow my Bathurst 1000 (big Australian car race) poster down like it did yesterday. Well, it didn't blow it down, just dislodged it so it was hanging on the wall by only one piece of blue-tack (well, yellow-tack) and made a very annoying sound as it blew around and scraped against the wall and another Bathurst poster I have.

I need U2 posters. I've been aware of this for a while, but now the need is very great. Why don't I have any? What is my fanaticism - and the world - coming to? Must get U2 posters. Or make them, either or. That's right, I also need Mum to make me a U2 shirt. I'm sick of having crappy clothes I don't want to wear. It's saying a lot when I, The Man With No Fashion Sense And No Care For Fashion, doesn't want to wear certain clothes out. So yes, need new clothes. Preferably U2 clothes.

I'm nervous about the idea of moving in November. That nervousness has been building up a bit as November draws near. Sure, I'll get stuff out of it - hopefully including a new computer - but I'm movig in with Mum's boyfriend and his two sons, who are 19 and 16. I don't like this at all. I'll have a stepfather and two stepbrothers. I won't be an only child any more, and it won't just be me and Mum. I HATE this. I LIKE just living with Mum. I don't want any brothers or some stepfather. See, I know Mum'll be prepared to bribe me a lot, because she knows how I don't want to live with anyone else. I like my privacy. I damn well better get the room with the ensuite. James, the 19 year old, reckons he should get it because he's older, BUT OI, I'm the one moving in, it's already your flaming house, and I'm not sharing some bathroom with Robby, especially if the door is stuffed and people can see in. I value my privacy highly. That ensuite is MINE. I damn well better get it. I don't care if that's selfish of me.

I will greatly miss being able to sing along to my U2 CDs. I'm a terrible singer, and so I'm not about to suddenly break out in song when there are people I don't particularly know very well around.

Shit, shit, shit. Sam doesn't have a costume for English. I just talked to him, and he thinks he has the lines memorised, but we have no costume and we're totally up the creek. We damn well better not be on tomorrow, or I need to fall ill very quickly. We're ninth on the list. Useless fucking Rebekah was asked by her friends to put them further down the list, so we got moved up, and when I complained she got angry at me. Stupid flaming woman. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have to worry. They'd never make it all the way to eleventh tomorrow, but odds are they'll just make ninth. Damn it. If we don't have a costume, we'll get marked down. Hopefully we'll be lucky and we won't have to do it tomorrow. Or I'll fall terribly ill.

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