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So I'm home today. I'm not feeling that great, physically or emotionally. Oh well.

Weekend to-do list, in order of importance;

- Finish SOR assignment
- Memorise English lines
- Study Maths C
- Study Modern History
- Study German
- Study Maths B has some really good U2 stuff. Shame I don't really understand how to use the thing. I was getting Bad from the Rattle And Hum video (my favourite song of all time) earlier when my useless bloody computer froze. GRR. It's taken ages to connect both times I've tried today. Very annoying.

I'm now not sure if I'll be getting a new computer in November. Mum's a bit hesitant about it. But I should be able to talk her into it.

I'm disgusted. The spiritual leader of the terrorist group Jemiyyah Islamiyyah, Ahmed Bakar Bashir (I might have his first name wrong ... bloody mental blanks), got sentenced to only four years for treason by the Indonesian court system. Why is it that Amrozi got death but Bashir only got four years? There's so much wrong with the Indonesian court system, and it's a bloody disgrace.

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