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I'm sick of people with perverted minds. I'm sick of people who just don't care. I'm sick of people who think insulting others is fun. I'm sick of people who have no respect for others. I'm sick of people who put down others because they believe in God (if you don't, fine, but don't insult those who do). I'm sick of Christian bands that have shitty lyrics like "The Spirit of the Lord is in this house/Everything we do, we do for You/We praise You/.../The Spirit of the Lord is in this house/So let's bounce". I'm sick of flaming Matt Marino, thinking he's so great, sticking his nose into everyone's affairs. I'm sick of people doing stupid, illogical stuff. I'm sick of shitty technology. I'm sick of Rebekah thinking she's somehow better than me and acting disgusted whenever I voice some opinion contrary to hers or get something she doesn't. I'm sick of the crude, vulgar rubbish people like Hamilton and Patrick find funny. I'm sick of people in my grade who get smashed with alcohol, get stoned, sleep around, and do all kinds of other rubbish and think it's OK. I'm sick of watching people throw their lives away. I'm sick of people who just don't get it. I'm sick of professing Christians who deny Biblical teachings with the way they live. I'm sick of professing Christians who totally miss the point of nearly everything. I'm bloody sick of so much.

On a more amusing note, here is something very funny. On a thread on RPG Central, found at, someone's claiming Arnold Schwarzenegger might be the Antichrist. How ridiculous and stupid.



My Aunt Karina paid for Mum to get a tattoo for her birthday. It's a butterfly, and it actually looks quite good. But urgh, a tattoo. I couldn't get one. The thought of having one done makes my skin crawl. *shudders* Although a Silver Fern tattoo would be pretty neat, show off my support of the All Blacks to the world. I could never get it done, though. *skin continues crawling* I hate it when Mum talks about having it done, and the needle and ... urgh.

I'll probably miss school tomorrow. I'm not feeling terribly grand. I hate Fridays, so I don't really care.
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