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Family dinners

I do not like family dinners, especially when they are at pubs. I hate pubs. I hate the drunken louts, I hate the stench of smoke, I hate the usually crappy music (although at times, tonight was an exception), et cetera. The place where we had dinner is like a cross between a pub and a restaurant (and it calls itself an inn), and the food was good, but the smoky, stuffy atmosphere gave me atmosphere, and the variety of food wasn't spectacular. But Mum likes the place, so ...

So I just spent three hours in a smoky and undesirable environment, which wasn't joyous. I guess some of the company was good, so that in part made up for it. But I did a stupid thing and left my discman, along with headphones I also use in the computer, in Mum's car when I decided to leave early with Trudy (Mum'll probably be another half hour to an hour) so now I have no sound on my computer. Mum better be home soon so that I do have sound.

There was this guy singing all these old rock and roll songs, some of which I didn't mind, particularly the Buddy Holly one he did, and my family kept on trying to get me to dance - note here that what I do cannot even be called dancing. I kept on refusing, and managed to get out of it with as little embarrassment as possible. Why do families love embarrassing other family members?

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