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WARNING: U2 Fanladishness follows.

Whee! Marvellous U2 site! (that's not the proper URL but it redirects to the right place) is a magnificient U2 MB where people, amongst other things, offer U2 concerts for download. Whee! This place is AMAZING. I've got all kinds of stuff from there, from a rare live performance of A Celebration (only performed live 19 times, then Edge forgot how to play it), to Wake Up Dead Man from Slane Castle 2001, and I also got one song I've never heard before. Boy/Girl was a B-Side to U2's first single Out Of Control, and I still haven't heard the studio version, but wow, this live version from 15/03/81 is great. Wow, I'm in love with this site. Love, love.
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