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This morning, I arrived late to Maths C. At least I arrived in time for the important stuff. We're doing Transformation Matrices, and most of it's just revision from last year. This is the last Maths C thing we're learning this term - the next few lessons are revision, and then we have our exams Thursday and Friday next week.

Study was fun. Geography was boring. Deutsch war nicht eine Zeitverschwemdung ... aber Aaron ist! Nein, nein, ich mache ein Witz. That translates (or is SUPPOSED to translate) as "German was not a waste of time ... but Aaron is! No, no, I'm joking" - hopefully I'm right, but although I do brilliantly on exams, sometimes my ability to apply German elsewhere isn't so spectacular. English was amusing, as per usual, and I have more of my lines memorised. SOR was interesting, and the New Age seems to have some very self-centred beliefs that I don't like at all. Then there was Maths B, the dreaded Maths B. My teacher used to be great - he was the guy who taught me the basics of algebra in grade eight, and did a good job considering how well I do algebra now - but now he's not so grand, and I don't like him much any more. Plus, Maths B simply is not fun. Then I find out that we're actually in the library today, and my teacher is away. Fantastic news. So I rock up to the library, only to find out we have an assignment. What joy. We were SUPPOSED to work on it while in the library ... but instead, me and my group read it, sat down at a table, and talked. The assignment won't take long to do, though, so it doesn't matter that we wasted that lesson. Although I didn't entirely waste it, seeing I did some work on my SOR assignment, and Sam didn't fully waste it either, as he read some more of my copy of Hitch-Hikers.

Also, last night I received in the mail a package from Mum's friends in New Zealand, Margaret and Ron, who I get on very well with. Ron wanted to get me something to do with the All Blacks in recognition of how well I've done at school the last few years - think it was a shirt with autographs on it, if my memory serves me correctly - but he was unable to, so instead he sent me this utterly fantastic book, A Century In Black: 100 Years Of All Black Test Rugby, a book commemorating 100 years since the first international played by New Zealand, a game we won against Australia in Sydney. And wow, the statistics about New Zealand are incredible, and prove we're the greatest rugby nation on earth. To quote, "The record of the All Blacks in tests in anyone's language is astonishing and must represent an achievement barely able to be matched, if at all, in any sport. Since the first quiet beginning on a Saturday afternoon in Sydney on August 15, 1903, the All Blacks have [at the start of this season] played 367 tests and have won almost 72 per cent of them. Think of the superlative sporting teams of 100 years, think of Manchester United or Brazil in soccer, of the Yankees in American baseball or of the Australians in cricket, and wonder if their records over the same period stand comparison." Indeed, now, our record is even better. From seven tests this year, we lost only one. What a team.

And that shall be all for now.

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