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Grr, I just typed out an entry, then I switched to look at another window, did some stuff, and lost my entry. Grr. I don't feel like typing it out, so to summarise;

- Went to the doctor's, he prescribed me two separate creams for the eczema, one for my back (and it stings) and another for elsewhere (which does not).
- The pharmacy we got the cream from was crowded. I never knew a pharmacy could be that crowded.
- Posted the chocolates I got Dad for Father's Day.
- Dropped birthday card off in Ian's letterbox, which really gets me thinking about how he's basically not a member of the family any more. He didn't even contact Nan for Mother's Day this year. That was low, truly low. He now only occasionally contacts some members of the family, but not Mum: Mum tries to show him how what he's doing is wrong, but he doesn't want to hear that so he simply won't call her. He's going to lose his house, he's shunned his friends, he's removed himself from the family. He's not the uncle I once had. I don't even know him now.
- I want opinions on the two satires I've done - 'Twenty-Seven Minute Satire' and 'Post Count - The TRUE Meaning Of Life'. Or, more precisely, I want opinions on whether I should keep working on it or not.
Er ... I can't remember the rest. Blast.

Ooo, M*A*S*H is on in half an hour. Yay.

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