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It may not be a beautiful day, but it's the sweetest thing

Squee for U2 puns. Although today may not be a beautiful day, with the news that Great-Aunt Fiona doesn't have long left and all, what I got tonight was the sweetest thing ... and in more ways than one. I got The Sweetest Thing single by U2! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! And it has Twilight and An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart live from Red Rocks ... yes, the same Red Rocks concert that appeared on the Under A Blood Red Sky video (and from which two songs were taken for the UABRS EP). Only catch: these songs didn't appear on either the video or the EP. Yep, they were cut, and instead ended up showing up as B-Sides to a single 15 years later. Wow, it's great to have these. I need to get the bootleg of the entire June 5, 1983, Red Rocks concert.

And I now think I am a pro at connecting to the Internet straight after the shower. I have a shower, hop out, and start the Internet connecting while I get dry. Then the blasted thing goes and connects before I'm done and I'm left sitting in front of the computer wrapped in a towel. Your average night, it takes forever to connect, but when I have a shower ... this is the third time I've connected while getting dry and it's always done before I'm finished. Amusing. And I was online for 10 hours earlier. How obsessed. I also missed talking to Dad tonight because Trudy was on the phone. Oh well. I'll call him tomorrow. Ooo, I also had Subway for dinner. Yum. I love Subway. I want my own Subway, in my house. Even better, I want U2 to drop by on their next tour for some Subway and decide to stay for a few days and perform a few times live.

Now, I must go get dry. Grr ... school tomorrow. I don't feel like going. But I do get to come home at 12:40 because I have a doctor's appointment later on in the arvo in regards to my eczema, which isn't going away. Thus, I miss Maths B. Yay. There's only so much I can stand of my Maths B teacher. Plus, logarithms and exponentials, easy though they may be, bug me.

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