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Something funny from yesterday arvo ...

Funny thing that happened yesterday afternoon when leaving home;

We'd just turned the first corner from our house when we found this car parked right across the street. It had backed out of a driveway, and was just sitting there. So Mum honked her horn and it got going ... very slowly. The neighbourhood I live in is gated and the roads have a speed limit of 20 kilometres an hour. This woman went so slow at first it didn't register on Mum's speedometer, and the top speed she reached was about 5km. When we FINALLY arrived at the gate - I could've walked there faster! - she stopped, and just sat there. If she'd gone at any decent speed, she could've made it through the gate before it shut and so could've we (someone else had just gone out), but no, she stopped, let it shut, and sat there. Mum eventually got really annoyed and got out of the car with her sensor (you need this little sensor device to open the gates). She said;

"Do you want to get out?" The woman just looked at Mum, and was holding her sensor in her hand but doing nothing with it. Mum continued with "Well you're painfully slow", opened the gate, and returned to the car. Well, the gate opened, and the woman sat there. She didn't move, and let the gate shut. She then got out of the car, and in not so spectacular English (she looked Asian), said "You a very rude young lady."

Mum looked at her and said "Do you want to go out or not?"

"You're a very rude young lady?"

"Are you going or not? I have something I have to get to in ten minutes?"

At this point, the woman saw my shirt, a Kiwi cricket shirt.

"So you New Zealander, eh eh eh?" That part cracked us both up, although we didn't show it at the time.

"Eh eh eh to you." said Mum.

"Do you rent?" asked the woman. Lots of people in my area rent. I'd rather not say if we do or not.

"No, we own." said Mum. At this point, she sent me to open the entry gate so we could go out through it instead of waiting for this woman to move, and the next part was related back to me by Mum.

I forget what it was that Mum said next, but I believe it involved 'fucking', and then she said "Do you rent?"

"No, I own." said the woman arrogantly and she walked away. At this point, the gate was open and Mum drove over to me. The woman walked back to her car muttering stuff - what she was actually saying, I don't know - and continued to sit there while we drove off. I think she was still sitting there when we rounded a corner and lost sight of her. Very funny.

"You a Kiwi, eh eh eh?" Hahaha ... you had to be there.

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