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Bad news

My Great-Aunt Fiona, my Nana's sister, has been diagnosed with cancer. It's in the liver (or was it lungs?) and kidneys, and the doctors don't think she'll make it to Christmas. Fiona lost her husband two years ago ... I hate to think how her sons are feeling right now. I don't know her very well, but Nan is very close to Fiona, and Mum's just taken her round to Karina's (Karina is Mum's sister) and they're going to break the bad news there.

This better not be Bad News Day. I hate days like that. They can zark off. I liked last weekend a lot more.

Could you all please pray for my family, particularly Nan and Fiona's other siblings? This isn't the greatest time for them all, as you can imagine. And please pray for Fiona, and her doctors, that some kind of a miracle may happen. Thank you.

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