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Early morning ramblings

Useless Internet. Cut out on me randomly last night after about 2 hours for the third night in a row. Tried to reconnect but after half an hour and an entire South Park episode - yes, I was so bored I was driven to watch an entire episode of that drivel for the first time in four years - I just gave up and went to bed.

Well, I brought Mum a birthday present yesterday and Dad a Father's Day present. They're awful but it'll have to do. I'll make Mum breakfast or something special to make up for it ... and Dad, well, it's just too bad. Now I just need to do more work on SOR and English and life will really be looking up and I won't be fearing September 8 so much. I'm going to aim to have this essay looking pretty much complete by Mum's birthday on Wednesday, and the English play memorised by Friday. I don't know if I can meet that, but putting a goal on myself should make me stop procrastinating.

Wow, it's cold. 18C. Absolutely frozen, yes.
(Yes, I'm being sarcastic ... although this does feel a tad cold ...)
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