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I'm sick of Lily. I'm sick of people bringing her up in conversation, I'm sick of being asked questions about her, I'm sick of her completely. My Mum tried to talk to me about her earlier today, and that really bugged me. I just wish I could get her out of my life. I feel so stupid for everything I did ... so very stupid.

On another topic, I have not yet found time to work on my SOR assignment or my satire, and I'm off to bed soon. Grr. Oh well, such is life, I guess. I may work on it when I get up early tomorrow morning, while I'm waiting for the Internet to connect. I'm told the brain is at its most active in the morning ... I scoff at that, but you never know, it may actually be accurate ...

My weekend to-do list;

1. Begin memorising English lines.
2. Begin SOR assignment and hopefully have a good chunk of it complete by Monday.
3. Write satire.
4. Do Geography homework.
5. If motivated enough, revise some maths.
6. Turn all rage I feel about anything towards Virtual NPC and the fact that I can't register for it. Basically, the Virtual NPC is a picking competition where you make picks in the New Zealand National Provincial [rugby union] Competition (NPC) and compete against others. I did it last year and the Virtual Super 12 this year, and both were great fun, especially with competing against my Dad. But now I can't register for this year's VNPC, which really annoys me, and I thought maybe it was a problem with my computer so I tried registering on Sam's computer and that failed too. GRR. Dad beat me in the VS12 and last year's VNPC, so I was hoping for a victory this year ... oh well ...
7. Get details for my story refined and perfected, and do the research necessary.
8. Think of a decent number eight. (That's not hard: Zinzan Brooke or Buck Shelford. Sorry, Kiwi joke. Number Eight is a position in rugby union and Zinny and Buck were two of the best Number Eights for NZ ever)

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