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Alright, so I'm up very early again. I think I have totally lost it. I got up at 6am today ... madness, I know. Well, set my alarm for 6am but didn't wake until 6:12am and had to wait a while to get online.

Unfortunately, unlike the other two times I've been on at such a stupidly early hour, very few people are actually online. But oh well, I'll live. Today I'm going round to Sam's house in about 3-4 hours, and we're going to get some practice done on our English assignment. We have to get that memorised by the 8th. Speaking of the 8th, I need to work on my SOR assignment and FAST, because it's due then as well. Just to make things even worse, I need to find my Dad a present for Father's Day and post it in the next few days, and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to get him. Why must I be cursed with a father who's so hard to buy presents for? I better find something quick, or the woman he lives with will never let me forget it. And then there's Mum's birthday on the 3rd ... but she'll be happy if I make her breakfast in bed. What a relief. But hopefully I'll be able to get her something anyway.

On another note, I need to get a job. Need, need, need. Because it's Gold Coast Show Day today and thus a public holiday, some of my friends are working and getting paid a good deal more than usual. Lucky sods. If I had a job, I know I'd work on Show Day just for the additional pay. But I don't have a job, and this annoys me. I keep on telling Mum to get application forms for the bookstores when she's at any of the shopping centres nearby, but she never does and I rarely go to the shops. Shame they're not within walking distance, or I'd probably decide to get my act together and go there myself.

And why is it my computer is starting to randomly sign me out of stuff? Last night it randomly signed me out of LJ, and I've been having trouble with my ISP's website lately - I will sign in, try to view my download limit, be asked to sign in again, then try to go to a page from the download limit page, and it will tell me my session has expired and whines about cookies being disabled and other nonsense that isn't true because everywhere but it manages to work perfectly fine, with the exception of LJ last night which meant I had to post a substandard entry, one not nearly as good as the original that I had lined up for that.

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