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Heartland is such a beautiful song and I love it. Listen to it now. Download it. It's fantastic, truly. One of U2's best songs ever. I just can't believe that it was NEVER performed live. It probably wouldn't work now, but Bono's voice in 1987-89 was just perfect and they really should've performed this. Indeed, it's a true shame Bono's voice has had to undergo any natural change since the Joshua Tree/Lovetown heyday. Listen to JT/LT live recordings and it's just ... wow. Bad and With Or Without You on the Rattle And Hum video are mindblowing.

Seriously, the more I listen to U2, the more I like them. Their music to me is much more than music. I keep on meaning to write something about why they mean so much to me, and I have typed up some stuff, but I never seem to get around to finishing it. I need to get that done. Honestly, if they were just another band to me, I would not like them this much.

And now for some Monty Python. Just don't read this if you do not like swearing. This is the usages of the f-word scene.Collapse )

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