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Why does LJ keep on giving me error messages today? It's quite infuriating.

You probably already know about this from other sources, but just in case
you did not, I thought it worth mentioning. I have seen several stories on
it, and these are just the latest.

Below are urls to stories with more details.

Basically there are indications that on 9/11 of this year there is a high
risk of a serious attack on the Internet and on all companies connected to
it. The SoBig virus has broken a lot of new ground, that many anti-virus
professionals not yet figured out, plus it appears that on 9/11 it is going
to do something special that security professionals not yet know exactly

There is a lot of speculation.
Each version of So Big is deadlier than the previous and has an expiration
Some journalists are saying that because the current version expires on
9/10 that will be the end of the nightmare, ignoring the fact that we have
had a series of deadlier versions, so that a new one, in the pattern of the
prior, hitting on 9/11 would seem quite likely.

Microsoft Windows Operating System is targeted by most of the computer
There are many other OS that are rarely attacked.
There are very few that have never been attacked.

There are a few links here that I did not actually read the article ...
access was so slow I captured the url and backed away to go after another
aspect of the big picture, so relevance on some might be a bit off. I
tried to group towards the top those that spell out the specific threat and
where the authorities are on trying to track down the perpetrator.,0,1718762.story?coll=bal-home-headlines;jsessionid=2UHXT1QPPYNIGCRBAELCFEY?type=technologyNews&storyID=3324330
(nice illustration with the article),,2-2003390423,00.html,9565,477355,00.html,10801,84273,00.html?from=imutopicheads,10801,83844,00.html,10801,83841,00.html,0,7518456.column?coll=bal-business-headlines


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