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*kicks self* I am HOPELESS with remembering birthdays. Do NOT be offended if I forget your birthday because I'm terrible with birthdays. Gah. So many I've forgotten lately - Aaron, Shannon, Laura, Chantelle ... at this rate, I'll be forgetting mine soon enough.

During English, Matt 'Candidate For World's Most Annoying And Most Stupid Person' Marino was waving around his tennis racket, annoying the snot out of everyone, and so Tommo, my English teacher, challenged him to a tennis match at the end of class. So with 15 minutes to go until the bell, we headed outside to the tennis court and Matt and Tommo played the funniest game of tennis I've ever watched. You just had to be there. My English class rocks. If we don't cut Tommo's hair or play tennis or have an incredibly fun lesson, Tommo decides to propose an English class day of ten pin bowling. That would be grand fun. I love my English class.

On another note, tomorrow I will be at Bond Uni for some leadership course and going to bed early, because I plan on getting up at 5:30am on Friday (Yep, stupid 5:30am again). I'll be on at around 6am Friday morning (Sometime during Thursday afternoon/evening in the USA), and hopefully I'll be able to talk to some of you then. And at about 10am that day, I'll be going round to Sam's and we'll practice our English play.

Speaking of that, I made what is quite possibly one of my funniest typos ever. One of Sam's lines is SUPPOSED to be "Your mind will get you arrested", but I somehow typoed it as "Your wind will get you arrested." Very amusing indeed. I only picked up on it AFTER I printed it at school today ...

Speaking of printing, I need a new printer. I'm sick of having to print stuff at school.

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