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To quote a Monty Python scene: [Use 'fuck' for] Dismissal: hide and go fuck yourself

Yes, that quote needs repeating. From a Monty Python scene detailing usages of the word 'fuck', "Dismissal: hide and go fuck yourself." That's classic, and also appropriate.

This is from


Ooo, pH34r 13.

Points: 73

I like the numbers seven and three, thus I like this number.

Highs: Friendly, once you get to know him. Good spelling.

Ironically enough, I was thinking today about how lots of people think I'm quite unfriendly and generally an annoying, aggressive person who you don't want to be around, but, once you get to know me, I'm actually quite nice and open and very friendly. And thank you for complimenting me on my spelling.

Lows: Inherits the English/Aussie/New Zealander sense of dry humor,

This is part of why I quoted "Hide and go fuck yourself", because the dry sense of humour is quite possibly the best known sense of humour there is. I couldn't live without it. Dry humour so dry it makes the Sahara Desert look like it's a water-filled lake is a blessing upon humanity and I heart it. How DARE you call it a low. It's a high if there ever was one. Hide, for you, self-appointed judger, have shamed yourself.

tries too hard to be a Sarah clone,

I have NEVER tried to be a Sarah clone. I am me, Andre, Axver, my own freaking person and I don't need to try to be a clone of anyone. Sure, maybe I use Sarah's euphemisms, but that's because I LIKE them and wish I'd come up with them myself.

hypocritical grammar,

What the Popmart are you going on about? I acknowledge, I once had a grammar problem because I was taught some messed up things, but it's nearly perfectly fine now - my only issue is occasionally messing up usage of apostrophes. Hypocritical, no. My grammar is far better than most of the grammar out there. Again, hide, for you have shamed yourself.

a bit on the high-and- mighty side.

That I concede to. But as I proclaimed yesterday during an argument at school, "I am always right. I don't care whether I actually am or not; I'm always right." How is THAT for arrogance? Nah, I don't mean that. Sure, I can be egotistical and arrogant at times, but you really can't use that against me. Bono, one of the greatest men of our time, also happens to be quite an egomaniac from time to time.

Doesn't know when to stop talking about U2.

There never is a time to stop talking about U2.

The Verdict: And all the children are above average.

What the zarking fardwarks?

Axver's 73 points may not seem much above Sketch's 68, but this does not betray the great difference between the two.

I don't really have a reply for this.

For some reason, Axver has decided to take the road less traveled.

It looked interesting.

He's got the English language mastered, except for a glitch occasionally.

1. We all make typos or minor slip-ups.

2. I come from a slightly different system, so even to exclude some messed up stuff I was taught, you have to expect some differences.

However, he would be much more appealing if he stopped being so much like Sarah, and went back to being his own person. When he gets around to turning the page, we'll be ready.

Get off that crack. It's bad for you.

Arsehole. That Monty Python quote is so very appropriate.

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