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Dear Andre,
Thank you for taking the time to write us.

My pleasure. I was pointing out an error in their article; they had mucked up a quote from the song The Playboy Mansion.

We are sorry about the mistake regarding the correct lyrics in that song "Playboy Mansion". We have fixed it, plus added some more shocking points about the song, and it's meaning, which you may not have realized before.

Actually, that song has a Christian theme: it's not shocking at all. This has inspired me to write an article - hopefully tonight - outlining the Christian message of the song. It's hardly a shocking song.

Please view it again @ when you get a chance.

I would love to, but that link doesn't work. I sent you an e-mail on that, too, and you said you were fixing it, but I still can't view it. The only way I can is through a link I was e-mailed, and that gives me an article that has not been updated. So either you're lying here and haven't updated your page, or you haven't got that link fixed. Get your act together, especially if you expect anyone to take you seriously (which is bloody hard considering your criticism of DATA).

The error happened with the lyrics because we mixed a quote we had found and the actual lyrics together - again we appoligize for this.

It's called proofreading. I hope you acquiant yourself with it.

We hope that you will re-evaluate your admiration of U2 and see that they are in all reality not a Christian band that pleases the Lord - they are no different than any other secular band.

What rubbish. I have many reasons to admire U2 - indeed, I'm working on a detailed article fully explaining why I like them so much - and I am sure the Lord is pleased by them. They are most certainly different to secular bands ... they're different to ALL bands. They're incredible and brilliant and they are ... wow. They promote Christian messages in a way no 'Christian' band ever could, they are of a quality I believe higher than anything else ... as I said, wow.

We as Christians shouldn't be filling our minds with secular messages from perverse people such as Bono!

1. Bono is most certainly not perverse. If you must pick on any member of U2, pick on the non-Christian, Adam Clayton, not Bono.

2. Secular does NOT equal evil.

Please read our FAQ about "What Music Is Ok" @

I would love to, but if you're going to tell me to read a FAQ, make sure it is at least up, not just "coming soon." Sheesh, I would've thought that if you tell me to read something, it's actually there to read!

Any further questions you may have feel free to write and share them with us -
His Servants,
Corrupt Christian Music Staff

I'll definitely contact you. Considering the amount of things you have wrong, I hope I can correct at least one of them. I'm actually quite happy I've corrected one so far. Making any kind of difference feels like foreign territory to me.

And now M*A*S*H is on.

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