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I don't usually talk about this, but this is an exception because I'm a bit concerned.

Basically, I have eczema, inherited from my Dad. Eczema is a disease of the skin whereby it gets dry and itchy, and you should know what the result of scratching dry and itchy skin is - sores and scratches and the like, which are even more itchy and make you itch more. When I was little, I had SHOCKING eczema. Sometimes, it was so painful taking my clothes off that I would have to hop in the bath so that they could soak off by themselves. Thankfully I don't remember any of that. But then it started to go away, and, up until about a week or two ago, even I didn't notice it. It was basically gone. But then I got this itch on my back, which has now spread, and, when Mum saw it, she was shocked, saying it's the worst she's seen, or at least in ages. It's all over my upper back. This is very worrisome. For starters, my back is traditionally one of the places where I do NOT get eczema, and the fact it's appeared for no apparent reason ... the weather conditions are good for NOT getting eczema and I don't believe I've eaten anything that would cause me to break out in eczema. And considering how much it's spread ... sheesh, I thought it was gone. I thought it was something I wouldn't need to worry about much at all. But now it's all over my back and small patches are starting to appear elsewhere. I'm concerned.

An additional point just before I post this: I discovered why my Internet's stayed connected so much longer than it used to ... when I changed plans this month to get more download, it means that it doesn't time me out until 10 hours instead of 5. This pleases me greatly.
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