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Even stupider than you thought

Am I mad? Insane, perchance? Supremely stupid? VERY misguided? Probably all of the above. Yes, I'm up stupidly early again. Why? Because I LIKED being up at such a stupid hour so much yesterday that I decided to do it again today. If I get into a habit like this, I may just go to bed early so that I can get up early and be online before school, and also for a short period after school. It actually sounds like a better idea than being on after school and then in the evening. Eh, I don't know. We'll see how it all works out. Part of it's working on just how tired I am later from this act of stupidity.

Unlike yesterday morning, I do not feel like I'm going to the airport. No, I just feel very ... nothing. Because there's no light on, my body doesn't seem to associate this with the airport for some funny reason, and so this feels quite normal, apart from the fact that I'm up roughly five hours earlier than I usually am on a Sunday morning.

Wow, it's a lovely feeling to open my curtains and gaze out over my neighbourhood, with everything looking so serene, and the night sky just about to see a hint of daylight. I think I said it yesterday morning, but the transition from night to day fascinates me.

I still cannot get over that I've gotten up this STUPIDLY early for a second morning in a row. You all knew I am insane, didn't you? This was going to happen sooner or later. Soon everyone will start thinking I'm on drugs or something. But no, don't fear about that, I'm not THAT stupid. I'm just some strange guy who's started getting up at an hour most people should be soundly sleeping at. I'm listening to a U2 CD so quietly that my computer is humming louder than it (so that I don't wake anyone - anyone being Trudy, seeing Mum's at Alan's tonight (which would be the correct word, tonight or today? Still feels like tonight right now ... actually, no, I can now see a hint of daylight)), and what I was going to add here is so unimportant and dull and needless that I won't add it.

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