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Part of a conversation with Burns ...

Everything you know is wrong [me] says:
But I need a job ...
Everything you know is wrong says:
My only problem is that I won't work Sundays.
Burnzey says [Burns]:
Heres what you should have said

"Oh, joy ... I get too much money"
Burnzey says:
Why not on Sunday?
Everything you know is wrong says:
My excuse is religious reasons, but it's really because I'm lazy and want a day off. And also religious reasons.
Burnzey says:
Everything you know is wrong says:
Seriously, I am NOT doing five days of school and then two days of work, with no break at all.
Burnzey says:
Get used to it, mate. Thats life
Everything you know is wrong says:
No, it is NOT life. It can't be. Life is not about work. You HAVE to have a rest sometime.
Burnzey says:
Im not totally used to it, but i'm getting there
Everything you know is wrong says:
Everyone should have one day off a week. Shit, even God took a day off to rest.
Burnzey says:
My rest is "after school" and on the parts of the weekend where I don't work
Everything you know is wrong says:
Well, that was for humanity ... if anything, that proves my point even more. We're MEANT to have a day off.

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