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Alright, so I'm officially stupid. What's new?

Yesterday, I was tired. Very tired. So I decided I'd take a bit of a nap at around 7pm, sleep for an hour, and then watch Inspector Rex (a great Austrian police show (in German) based around a police dog named Rex) and get online. But when I woke up just before 8:30pm - just before Rex was about to begin - I decided I liked this idea of sleep and went back to sleep. I then woke up at 10pm and went back to sleep again. And now it's nearly 6am and I've had one of the best sleeps of my life, and also one of the most disturbed, because, as I got less and less tired, I woke up more and more, thanks to the hum of my computer and my screen saver going. Now, I still feel tired, but it's like that refreshed tired, if that makes any sense.

And now I'm up at nearly 6am, and I feel like I should be going to the airport because it really feels like 5am, and the only time I'm ever up at a stupid hour like this is when I'm going to the airport.

On a completely random note, I was thinking about all these online quizzes people do, how you randomly hear about them from someone else's LJ, do it, usually have a laugh at the result, watch as all your friends do it, and then forget about it. Now THAT is what I call way-too-early-in-the-morning thinking. Bugger pondering the meaning of life. LET'S PONDER THE MEANING OF ONLINE QUIZZES!

And why is it that my computer takes forever to connect to the Internet at freaking 6am? I very much doubt many other people are trying to get online at this time. So it's definitely a problem with my computer and/or most likely modem. So why is it that some days I connect almost straight away? Geez I can't wait to get broadband.

Hey! Being up this early means I can watch the top 50 music videos thing they have on Saturday mornings here in Australia. It is Saturday, isn't it? I feel so lost and out of the loop seeing there's not much of a Friday night to recall. I used to get up early every Saturday to watch the top 50 when I was like eleven or twelve for some strange reason, but now, as I've gotten older, I've completely neglected it for the sake of sleep. Now I think I shall watch it, for old time's sake if for nothing else. Shame there won't be any U2, but you never know what else might be on there. Knowing my luck, most of the songs will be rap - shuddervomitdie - but at least there won't be any country and, if I'm lucky, there may be some rock.

Also, early morning TV has always been something that's amused me, even if I rarely get to see it. There's usually those weird "Hallelujah praise the Lord for our fraudulent miracles and babbling passed off as tongues" shows, a strange documentary and/or informercial for a product no-one should've ever thought up, let alone actually wanted, and, if you're lucky, you may come across some American current affairs show that's about a month or two past its use-by date.

And when you have music videos on the lowest volume your TV has to avoid waking anyone up, it's remarkable how your typing sounds louder than it (probably because it is). On this basis alone, I would see fit to turn my TV up, but I'm not going to, because they just put some rap - shuddervomitdie - on, and this is some exceptionally BAD rap. Now no offense to anyone who likes rap, but I can't stand it. Correction: I can't stand MOST of it. There is that occasional track that I won't mind, but most of it I simply cannot stand. I can't see much talent - let alone music talent - in it, and the backing music, it's like there's five different tracks at the studio they can choose from when making their 'song', and, if they're feeling imaginative, they may mix one or two of them together and hope it sounds good (which it rarely does). And even the music video scenes are the same! Yes, seriously. I just saw some music video for I-have-no-idea-who, and now this Mary J. Blige (or whatever her name is) video came on, and it's set in EXACTLY the same location! Good MacPhisto, people, be a bit more imaginative! Or would that be too hard? Your lyrics are often similar, your beats certainly are, you generally have little talent to speak of ... so why should I be surprised when you use the same location for your videos?

Grr, doesn't this song ever end? It's AWFUL. Even for rap. *needs U2*

Hey, it's finally starting to feel more like 6am - perhaps because it is - the sun's actually starting to come out. Wow ... I've always loved the early morning sky. I can still remember watching the sun rise at Wellington Airport just before my 14th birthday. Hmm, random memory. Fascinating.

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