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I am the most predictable person in the world. How, you may ask?

I got an ice cream at the petrol station today. I haven't had one in months. And yet I still got exactly the same thing as I always have. No variation. This time I did give the other stuff a cursory glance, but I knew I wasn't going to get something new.

When I go to Subway, I always have the same thing. I'm so predictable there, my Mum, Nan, and even Trudy know my order. They could quite literally decide to surprise me by getting me my favourite sub and give me my very favourite.

No matter how much I say I'm going to stop procrastinating, I continue to procrastinate, particularly with schoolwork. I keep on procrastinating on stopping procrastinating.

I always have the same thing for lunch. In fact, I have not changed my regular lunch since the beginning of high school (in fact I think I've been having it for a lot longer than that), and I've been having the same thing for morning tea for nearly four years. No wait, I used to have lettuce in my sandwiches but stopped that a few years ago. See, that's how predictable I am, stopping having lettuce in my sandwiches is actually significant enough for me to remember, and I can even remember WHY I stopped having it (because, after being in my bag for so long, it wouldn't taste very nice at lunch time).

People can ALWAYS predict what music I'm listening to, and they can generally predict what I'm wearing. In class, Sam can predict what opinion I'm going to offer on controversial topics even when he hasn't heard my thoughts, or at least in detail, and so often people can tell me "I know you're going to say < what I'm going to say >" and they're RIGHT.

And that's just scratching the surface, too. About the only time I'm not predictable is when I'm playing games like chess and checkers. And even then in my basic strategy I'm predictable - chess I'll work on an attacking defense, and then, at the perfect opportunity, launch a deadly attack, and in checkers I'm more attacking and try to bait my opponent while building a rock-solid defense.

I can't believe how predictable I am. It's so very ... sad.

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