Axver (axver) wrote,


This is so very sad. Less than two hours to go now. I don't know quite how to describe what this is like. It's not like watching a friend die - that would be much more painful, I would imagine - but it's still painful and sad and awful. I wish it didn't have to go, and these final two hours are going to be agony. I don't want it to go. I love the place so much.

What I cannot believe is that Christian IBO2 is still at it. He's still prancing about on his holier-than-thou horse and acting like an arrogant, judgemental jerk. The boards will be dead in less than two hours! Be nice for a change! Although maybe it'll kill him to be nice for more than half a microsecond of his life. His attitude revolts and repulses me.

I can't believe it's ending like this. I can't believe it's ending at all. It was something so certain, so fixed in my life, something I never thought would go. I hate the people at Tyndale for giving me and others this agony. I hate them so much, the miserable rotten sods. I know I shouldn't hate, but I am. I can't stand them. What they've done is WRONG BEYOND BELIEF.
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