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An ad I hate

I hate the Channel 9 ad "This is Channel 9's < day >." Specifically, the one I just heard before I changed channels, "This is Channel 9's Thursday." Oh, so Channel 9 owns this Thursday? Whose Thursday will it be next week? And what about tomorrow, who owns that? And since when did Channel 9 buy Thursday, and why was I not informed earlier? What exactly can one do with a day when they own it, anyhow?

Stupid ad ...

Oh, and in other news, Pauline Hanson has been sentenced to three years prison for electoral fraud. For those of you who don't know, Pauline Hanson, one-time fish and chip shop owner, rose to fame as the controversial, anti-immigration, racist (specifically against Asians) head of the One Nation political party. After winning many seats in the Queensland state parliament and performing well in other states, One Nation fell apart under the weight of scandal and criticism, and now Pauline Hanson has been sent to jail. She still has more charges to face, I believe to do with taking money for herself from a One Nation campaign fund.

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