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I officially have way too much to read

I am currently reading;

Chekhov: Plays (only read Ivanov so far)
Soviet Civilisation: A Cultural History by Andrey Sinyavsky
King Henry V by Shakespeare (I'm nearly finished, I just keep on forgetting to read the end of the last scene and the epilogue)
At least three versions of the Bible that I have that I'm at varying stages through
By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition by Mark Shea (I'm only a couple of chapters in but I'm really enjoying it)
Theology For Beginners by F. J. Sheed
Handbook Of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli
Most of book 3 and all of book 4 of Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy

I love having so much to read. It's hard to believe that, only a short month ago, I was complaining about having nothing to read ...

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