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I was stunned today to note how empty my school was. So many people are ill at the moment; it's alarming. Heaps of people are away, and over half of the people in all of my classes were ill or trying not to look as ill as they really are. This bug that's going around really is hitting everyone for six.

Also, my school's chapel/worship band is AWFUL. It's like the people who organise the thing can't turn anyone away: it's like they have the attitude of "We're Christians so we must include anyone who applies." There are way too many singers, none of whom are exceptional and they have utterly no harmony, and the guitarists and drummer aren't allowed to do anything imaginative at all. Furthermore, the songs they sing are crap. Whoever wrote them should be ashamed. "I will read my Bible and pray/I will follow you all day/All day/All day now/All day/All day now"? WHAT THE POPMART? That's AWFUL. I could eat a pen and paper and pull better lyrics out of my ear. There's utterly no imagination and lyrical talent whatsoever shown in those lyrics. I much prefer "Jesus never let me down/You know, Jesus used to show me the score/Then they put Jesus in show business/Now it's hard to get in the door" - U2, If God Will Send His Angels.

And then Aaron ... grr, that guy pisses me off. I couldn't really even get stuck into him because it was his birthday. I would've loved to have told him exactly what I thought. I asked him what he thought of the lyrics, and he first said "I can't comment because I didn't write them" - What the Zootopia? - and then "Well, I need to read them" - you heard them this bloody morning, you idiot - and finally proceeded to spew forth some other crap, basically trying to hide the fact that because he's such a good little Christian boy, he actually likes the lyrics and couldn't ever insult a song with the word 'Bible' in it. You moron.

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