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In other news today ...

School wasn't too bad. I love Wednesdays - no maths and two study periods. Such joy. But, grr, I have maths homework from yesterday that's due tomorrow, so I better do that tonight. Or maybe I won't and just hope my maths teacher doesn't check. I don't want to do it, not at all ...

Played a very close game of checkers against Tasha on MSN that ended in a draw. Very good and enjoyable game, that. I'm playing Patrick now - I kicked his butt in Minesweeper Flags but he just beat me in Checkers (I was only half paying attention but that's no excuse; he's a pro at chess, checkers, and anything like that).

Got that issue of Time I ranted about earlier.

Um ... what else happened today? Not a terrible lot. Just another uneventful day in the life of Andre. I'm looking forward to reading more of those books that I got, and listening to the bootleg I was sent. That reminds me, I need to go to FLOM (For Love Or Money?) and get the playlist for that bootleg.

Anything else? I feel like I've forgotten to mention something important. Why does this keep on happening? GRR. This week is just not my week for remembering comments, is it? Oh well.

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