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No wonder people don't like America

Check out the cover of this week's issue of Time magazine. It shows an unlit New York skyline, with the word "Blackout" written on it, and "Can it happen again?" in smaller font below that. Inside the issue is a pictorial segment of the blackout, and then a large report on it. I am DISGUSTED. It's only a freaking power cut. It is not international news worthy of the front cover of Time. If it had happened in Australia or the UK or anywhere else, would it have made the front cover? NO! Would've there been a pictorial segment or large report? NO! Would it have even made Time? Probably not! In fact, if all of New Zealand was plunged into darkness, I doubt it would rate a mention in the American media, let alone Time. It's DISGUSTING. No wonder people think America is an arrogant, self-centred nation. If a power cut happens in America, it makes worldwide headlines. If a power cut happens anywhere else, it's just a power cut, it doesn't affect America, and so it doesn't matter.

Now I admit I'm probably the most pro-American person in my group, but I am still very disgusted. IT'S JUST A BLOODY POWER CUT! It is NOT headline news. It is not worthy of the cover of Time. It is not something that the whole world should watch while jumping up and down in hysterics. It's just a power cut. Get over it.

This wouldn't irk me as much if the same coverage were to be given if it were to happen anywhere else in the world, but we all know that it's only this big because it happened in freaking America. Just because something happens in America, it's suddenly worldwide news. So what that Liberia is going down the toilet? So what that millions of people in Africa are starving? So what that Hambali has been arrested? So what that there's a lot more important news out there? There was a power cut in the USA so we must all gasp and shake in fear and look on in shock while wondering how such a horrendous catastrophe could occur!

I feel sick.

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